👇TOP 3 of #industries scary abandoned 👇


1️⃣ Ha-Shima Island in Japan: at the base coal mine then residence for the miners, this island has been abandoned since the 75s and is today described as a "ghost island" 👻

2️⃣Sloss Furnaces in Alabama, USA: A former smelting plant, Sloss Furnaces blast furnaces operated from 1882 to 1971. There are stories that the working conditions were extreme 💀 and the place is now haunted ... 👀

3️⃣The “Vinet” paper mill in France: built on the foundations of a 1750 mill, the paper mill opened its doors in 1834 to close them in 1969. Between abandoned buildings and vehicle cemetery, this site has everything to make your blood run cold 🥶.

Photo credit for this series: UrbexSession.