💧Recyclage des eaux usées
As part of a circular economy approach, wastewater recycling 💧 is a real environmental challenge 🌍 for industries. This approach meets a dual objective: "to reduce the environmental impact and guarantee both the sustainability and the growth of the activity". 📈

The increase in production necessarily induces greater discharges. In the specific case of wastewater, purification stations have limited pollutant load treatment capacities 🛢. This can be a brake on the increase in production of a company.

A question then arises: "how to recycle treated water from WWTP (Wastewater Treatment Plant) for technical uses while ensuring water quality, free from the slightest risk of contamination of employees and environment? "🤔

The article proposed by Elements Industriels answers this question by presenting an industry that has been recycling its wastewater for more than 18 months! 👏

Article link: https://elementsindustriels.fr/le-recyclage-des-eaux-usees-a-haut-rendement-genere-efficacite-et-souplesse-dexploitation/