🚗 L’industrie automobile et la fabrication additive

12.4 billion dollars 💲 by 2028? These figures are an estimate of the income generated through 3d printing in the automotive field. In fact, the design of complex parts would be simplified thanks to additive manufacturing.
Here are some examples of car brands 🚗 that use it:

- Michelin and its puncture-proof tires! 👉 The use of 3D printing technology allows the manufacture of airless tires which eliminates the risk of punctures.

- Bugatti, and 3D printing of its brakes! 👉 This choice allowed them to create parts that are 40% lighter than usual.

- Mini and the personalization of his car! 👉 Thanks to 3D printing, Mini can customize the side stripe on the passenger side of its cars.

- And finally: BMW! 👉 Who, after using this No worry for 25 years decided in June 2020 to open its own additive manufacturing center.

In these 4 cases 3D printing allowed a reduction in production time temps but also costs 💲 through the optimization of parts!

If you want to know more: https://www.3dnatives.com/impression-3d-automobile-08102020/#!