🤝Black Friday

On this day of Black Friday it is not a promotion that we suggest you discover but 5 sites set up to support businesses forced to close during this period of confinement. 🤝

✔️Small businesses: buy vouchers to use later to save businesses now! 💌 https://soutien-commercants-artisans.fr/

✔️My city, my shopping: a free online store for businesses! 📦 https://www.mavillemonshopping.fr/fr

✔️Veando: video call of traders 📱, organization of withdrawal in store or delivery of products, Veando offers its online service free of charge to traders, deliverers and consumers during confinement and the following 3 months. 🛍 https://www.veando.com/Page/Accueil

✔️Save your business: like “Les Petits Commerces”, it allows you to buy vouchers from businesses to use them when they reopen. 💌 https://sauvetoncommerce.fr/

✔️Éthi'Kdo: a gift card / card 🎁 to support traders. Gifts made in France, zero waste, from fair trade, promoting solidarity reuse etc. 🌍 https://www.ethikdo.co/