📡 Lancement de la 5G

The release of 5G is not planned before at least 2024. France is in the so-called "late" countries for the acquisition of 5G already present in 44 countries.
However, on September 29, the auction for 5G frequency bands was launched in France. The launch of this technology would allow an economic recovery with 2.65 billion euros planned for the allocation of 5G frequencies.

Following this event, 20% of French people plan to buy a 5G compatible smartphone within a year. Most are worried because this development would lead to health impact, in particular on the electrical activity of the brain, but also an environmental impact. According to Franck Bouétard the CEO of Ericsson France “It consumes ten times less than 4G, […] the antenna transmits only when connected to it. […] 5G will use more or less the same frequency bands as 4G or wifi ”.

Revolution or simple evolutions, consumer and business advantages, white zones, data collection and artificial intelligence, so many subjects and questions to which Guy Pujolle, author of the book “Should we be afraid of 5G? »Addresses during his interview with France Inter this week.