💻Les cyberattaques industrielles
Industrie & Technologies presented the results of a rapport conducted by Kapersky * on industrial 💻 cyber attacks in the first half of 2020.

🔊 "If their number has fallen compared to the second half of 2019, the attacks are becoming more sophisticated and targeted" .🔊

According to the survey, a significant drop in infections is noted for this period. However, we are facing a "new generation" of attacks, mainly ransomwares**, made possible with the IT / OT convergence of industries. 👨‍💻

📢 “What is a bit new is that we have seen, with covid-19, attempts not only to exfiltrate data but also to destroy information systems, with a real desire to destroy, in health or in industry », Bertrand Trastour warns.
Full article: https://www.industrie-techno.com/article/rapport-kapersky-sur-les-cyberattaques-industrielles-moins-nombreuses-mais-plus-sophistiquees.61934

* Multinational company specializing in information systems security.

** Or ransomware: Malware that takes personal data hostage