👩‍🎓 Les femmes dans l’industrie

L'Usine Nouvelle presented the trophies of the 9th edition of women in industry ! Congratulations to the 12 winners! 👏Among the different categories we find in particular Muriel Lenglin, director of the SNLE nuclear submarine program at Naval Group, named woman of industry 2020! Well done to her! ???? ????

For this ninth edition, 30 incredible journeys of women working in the industry were put forward. This event brings together 12 categories in all: industry, innovation, digital, R&D, production, international, promising start, entrepreneur, sustainable development, commercial, project and special jury prize.

Complete list of the 2020 winners: https://www.usinenouvelle.com/article/les-laureates-des-trophees-des-femmes-de-l-industrie-sont.N1006789