🤖 L'industrie 4.0 et l'humain dans tout ça ?
In a context where production lines are more and more automated, assisted or monitored, it is legitimate to wonder about evolution the place of humans in industry. 🧑‍🏭

Between mixed reality, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs), exoskeletons or even Artificial Intelligence (AI), the new technologies make it possible to change the very nature of human work by making it possible (most of the time) to improve the quality of work and encourage operators to increase their skills. 👩‍💻

Despite the increasing autonomy of machines, the role of humans (particularly in their maintenance and programming) remains important. But what about tomorrow? 🤖

This is the subject of the very interesting article "Industry 4.0: What about people?" »By Janick Villanneau Director of Industry 4.0 Solutions & Products Product Governance at Scalian.

Article link: https://www.cadre-dirigeant-magazine.com/reussir-en-entreprise/industrie-4-0-et-lhumain-dans-tout-ca/