🌕 Retour sur la lune grace à la 3D

After using 3d printing for the RAMPT project (Rapid Analysis and Manufacturing Propulsion Technology), NASA 🚀 considers reusing this technology for the purpose of sending men and women to the moon. “This technological breakthrough is significant because it allows us to produce the most difficult and expensive rocket engine parts for less than in the past,” says Drew Hope.

The use of additive manufacturing would make it possible to create rocket engine parts, which would save time by going from one year to 30 days. Cost reduction 💰 is also being considered because the technology would make it possible to create expensive and difficult to produce parts, such as engine nozzles with cooling channels.


Recently 3D printing has been used to produce a nozzle, with a diameter of 40 inches and a height of 38 inches, one of the largest than the NASA printed!
This cost reduction would then allow a return to the moon!

For more information: https://3dadept.com/la-nasa-prevoit-dutiliser-limpression-3d-ded-pour-les-futurs-moteurs-de-fusee/