Founded in 1971, we have been supporting industrial companies in their growth for many years. Through various product and service offers, we offer tailor-made solutions to precisely respond to your business issues.   


A company that adapts to its customers since 1971 

After more than 30 years as an importer and exclusive distributor of BRM products (Flex-Hone® and industrial brushes), we have been able to position ourselves as a true trusted partner with our customers and suppliers.

Building on our ability to adapt, we diversified in 2002 and added various products to our industrial distribution panel: abrasives, cutting tools, machine-tool accessories and metrology. In 2016, after the takeover of the company and in the face of new market developments, we reorganized by offering in addition to our already established services, a complete machine tool sales service. Aware of the significant technical nature of this field, we have surrounded ourselves with experts and now offer an all-inclusive service ranging from advice, to installation, maintenance, control and training of employees to machines.


SEDIMAT GROUP: services tailored to your needs

More than an E-Shop, SEDIMAT GROUP brings together several areas of expertise representing the different services we offer:  


A unique solution to acquire your machine tools with complete peace of mind

From delivery to maintenance, including installation and control of machine tools by our experts, SEDIMAT offers you an all-inclusive solution. This solution, unique in France, in the form of a monthly subscription, allows you to benefit from complete support and equipment at the cutting edge of technology without compromising your cash flow.


A wide range of products with reference

The industry market is constantly evolving, we are able to offer you a wide range of products and services in line with your industrial requirements.

With more than 40 products in our shop, we can meet your exact needs. For the sake of transparency, we also give you access to all the references of the products we offer.

Constantly on the lookout for the market, we supply products at the cutting edge of technology, always in step with industrial and technological developments in the market.