Since 1971 SEDIMAT has been the exclusive importer and distributor of BRM products: FLEX-HONE® and industrial brushes for France.

Flex-Hone®: a product that adapts to your industrial requirements

For your deburring, reaming or surface finishing needs, whatever your industrial activity, Flex-Hone® is the solution you need. This tool uses a flexible lapping process to provide a superior surface finish on any base material.

8 types of abrasives, 12 grains of different sizes and +100 standard diameters, i.e. more than 9600 possibilities to meet your industrial requirements as precisely as possible.

Flex-Hone®: a tool that supports you in all your productions

Surface condition:

The different grain sizes make it possible to obtain surface states of which the roughness can range from Ra = 2 μm approximately with the 20 grain, to Ra less than 0,03 μm with the 800 grain or the legivated alumina. It is therefore possible either to polish a surface that is too rough, or on the contrary to give a certain roughness to a surface that is too polished (cylinders, hydraulic jacks).


Problems very often arise in deburring certain parts of parts that are difficult to reach, such as drilling opening into a bore; or to deburr certain parts of parts without destroying the surface finish, for example the bearing surfaces of the spools in the hydraulic distributor blocks. FlexHone ®, with its mild abrasive action and expansion force, can solve many of these problems.

Corner recovery:

It happens that following boring, too sharp angles are obtained which deteriorate the seals. These can be rounded off slightly with the FlexHone.


FlexHone ® can be used to remove up to 2 hundredths of a millimeter in a bore without risk of deforming the bore. In some cases, we can even improve the runout.

Cleaning :

Due to its abrasive action, FlexHone ® can be a good cleaning tool, for example for certain tubings.

Flex-hone®: a tailor-made tool for optimal adaptation

100% customizable, FLEX-HONE® is produced in a wide variety of sizes, grits and abrasives. It can be supplied in special manufactures to solve any non-standard range problems.

Different customizations possible: 

  • Effective diameter
  • Length of abrasive parts and rods
  • Stem protection coating
  • Diameter of the stem
  • Intubated threaded rod
  • FLEX-HONE® with two or more diameters
  • Combination FLEX-HONE® brush + FLEX-HONE® conical
  • Hemispherical FLEX-HONE®
  • Twisted shank protrudes forward
  • Special recognition colors on the upper
  • Size of abrasive balls
  • Wire section
  • FLEX-HONE® drum on PVC