👩‍🔧 Ua company that adapts to the needs of its customers:

After more than 30 years as an importer and exclusive distributor of BRM products (Flex-Hone® and industrial brushes), SEDIMAT has been able to position itself as a true trusted partner with its customers and suppliers.

In order to keep this place, the company has evolved over the years to stay in line with changes in the industry market and the demands of its customers and suppliers. In 2002, the company diversified and added to its range of products the distribution of different products: abrasives, cutting tools, machine-tool accessories and metrology. 

After its takeover in 2016 and faced with new demands from the distribution and importation of tools, SEDIMAT has reorganized by offering a complete machine-tool sales service. Aware of the high technicality of these products, SEDIMAT has surrounded itself with experts and offers a service ranging from purchase advice to installation, but also employee training.


⚙️ A wide range of products:

With more than 40 references, SEDIMAT is able to respond precisely to the needs and technical requirements of industries.

SEDIMAT is constantly on the lookout for the market in order to offer more and more new products and stay in step with the industrial and technological developments of its customers.


(I.e. Express delivery:

Aware that a long delivery time can have serious consequences in terms of production, SEDIMAT strives to deliver its customers as quickly as possible in order to minimize their losses.

In this context, the company also provides vehicles with stocks in order to respond to urgent orders that manufacturers sometimes have to face.