We offer a usage solution in the form of a monthly subscription that allows companies to rent industrial equipment with a set of associated services.


A tailor-made financing solution

More specifically, this solution includes delivery and installation as well as warranty, maintenance and control by our machine tool experts. This monthly subscription for a minimum of 3 years allows you to grow at your own pace, according to your needs and without constraints. Without obligation to renew and in a logic of circular economy, this service also allows the revaluation of your old equipment in order to increase your debt capacity and your cash flow.


Equipment at the cutting edge of technology and regulations

Through its subscription, SEDIMAT offers you insurance, maintenance, control, adjustment and updating of your machines.

Especially :

  • Regular machine maintenance for a safe and productive working environment.
  • A control to ensure that compliance with the regulations in force is up to date.
  • A guarantee of intervention in case of breakdown to allow the use of the equipment in peace.
  • An update of the machines which guarantees an optimal operating time, limits the risks of production interruptions and ensures equipment at the cutting edge of technology.


Technical experts to support you

SEDIMAT is a company with a real team of technical experts ready to respond to your various industrial issues.

In order to be as close as possible to your business and to meet your needs as precisely as possible, the experts will come and study your needs with you in order to give you the best advice on the choice of your equipment.

From advice to installation, the technical experts are also there to support you throughout the process from purchase to installation and also offer training for your employees for optimal handling of your tools and machine tools.

Available and mobile you can now make an appointment with them.


The advantages of such a service?

  • Your cash flow preserved and your budget under control: leasing allows you to avoid large outflows and spread out expenses. In particular, this allows you to conserve your cash flow to deal with the unexpected. In addition, maintenance and repair costs are difficult costs to estimate in the annual budget. We suggest that you include these costs in our monthly subscription solution for better management of your budget.
    • Protect against obsolescence of equipment: changes in environmental or technological standards, change in customer demand but also planned obsolescence. Through its rental offer, SEDIMAT allows you to renew your equipment according to market developments.
    • Tax and accounting advantages: the rented goods remain the property of the lessor, they do not appear in fixed assets or in debt. Thus, the equity ratio to the balance sheet total is not impacted by leased equipment. This ratio is very important because it is often the first thing that a financial partner will control. It is therefore strategic to preserve its debt capacity for future projects. In addition, all rents are tax deductible. Rents appear as an expense in the income statement and are deducted from taxable income. 


    Thanks to its 360 ° approach, this all-inclusive offer takes into account the business needs and requirements of companies for a formula adapted to each. Advice, purchase, delivery, installation, maintenance, training: you are guaranteed to have equipment adapted to your needs and always at the cutting edge of technology.