5-axis machining center - KXG 45-15


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The KXG range offers gantry milling centers, particularly efficient for the machining needs of complex large-dimension parts.

Main characteristics

  • Design suitable for 5-axis continuous machining of very large parts
  • Machining at high feed rates
  • High rigidity allowing high material removal capacities
  • Positioning and repeatability accuracy maintained in high-speed machining, even for components with complex shapes
  • Design and structure
    • Gantry structure with reinforced mobile crossbar type "U"
    • Optimization of moving axes by finite element structure calculation
    • Dedicated foundation to benefit from a better dynamic
  • Ergonomics and environment
    • Great accessibility to the work area and the room thanks to a retractable roof
    • Tool magazine outside the working area
    • Swivel and tilted operator panel
    • Energy efficiency for the production of large parts.
Specifications Unit KXG 45-15
X axis mm 4.500
Y axis mm 1.500
Z axis mm 800
Fast forward m / min X / Y: 60 Z: 45
Head type Fork head
Rotation axes         B - Travel: +/- 110 ° C - Rotation: +/- 360 °
Rotation speed rpm
B, C: 100
Torque: motor / tightening Nm  B, C: 4.000
Structure Fixed table
Table dimension mm 4.700 x 1.390
Max weight admissible on table kg 18.000
Rotation speed rpm
Tool cone HSK 63-A
Engime kW 75
Couple Nm 75
Characteristic speed rpm 9.550
Automatic tool changer
Number of positions
Max.diameter tool mm 90
Max weight tool kg 8
Max. Length tool mm 300
Details (according to VDI / DQG 3441)
Positioning (P)       X: 0,025mm Y / Z: 0,010mm B, C: 10 sec
Repeatability (Ps medium) X / Y / Z: 0,005 mm B, C: 5 sec
Dimensions (Open doors + conveyor)
Width mm 8.110
Depth mm 11.000
Height mm 5.800
Machine weight kg 60.000

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