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The KX Large family offers a large choice of machines for machining complex parts in 5 continuous axes and / or on 5 sides.
The choice of fixed gantry design and architecture makes it possible to offer a machine with maximum rigidity for extremely precise machining in various and difficult materials.
Its large working area can accept parts up to 20 tons and machinable volumes up to 4.080 x 2.180 x 1.550 mm is suitable for machining large parts for general and precision mechanics, 3D shapes, Aeronautics and Energy.
The modularity of its design and the multiple variants and equipment make it easy to meet all customer requirements.

Rigid and sturdy fixed gantry-type structure of the KX 300 consisting of a slide, and a mechanically welded steel trolley, as well as a concrete bench-table and gantry. This structure and the materials used are optimized to absorb the cutting forces and those induced by the accelerations of the bodies in
movement. Great stability and excellent dynamic behavior during machining are thus obtained, resulting in an optimized cut as well as great fidelity in the execution of contours and shapes on all types of materials. Tool life is thus extended.

The table drive by rack and pinion of the KX 300 is perfectly suited for its long runs and heavy loads.

Temperature sensors (bench, bearings, spindle) make it possible to control and correct thermal deformations.

Multiple attachment points ensure high rigidity and vibration absorption for high geometric precision.

Linear axes  entryelders directly by AC motors are produced by:
- X axis: mobile table on fixed bench
- Y axis: mobile carriage on fixed cross member
- Z axis: vertical slide fitted with an orientable milling head with 2 orthogonal rotation axes and an electrospindle. This design allows the cutting tool to work with high machining parameters, even in hard materials, and at high speed.

Balancing cylinders are mounted on the Z axis.

Linear guide rails with recirculating roller bearings allow feed speeds of up to 40m / min.

Rules of absolute measurement fitted to all linear axes.

The forked head of the KX300 is equipped with an electrospindle:
B-axis travel = +/- 95 °; C = +/- 200 °
Rotation speed (B & C axes): 4,17 rpm
Locking torque (B & C axes): 10.000 Nm
Working torque: B = 4.524 Nm C = 2.292 Nm

- Allows you to reach negative angles
- Machining of deep pockets thanks to the use of long tools
- Spindle and machining are secured thanks to vibration monitoring

The axes B & C are fitted with direct reading angle encoders which offer high positioning accuracy. Direct drives by torque motors allow perfect synchronization with linear movements. This engine offers the advantages of continuous high speed, strong acceleration, great rigidity and the absence of play and wear.

Perfect chip evacuation is obtained thanks to a system composed of a chute, spiral conveyors and washing of the work area by coolant.

A 40-position tool magazine outside the working area in HSK63 is offered as standard (other possibilities in HSK63 or HSK100 optional).

The automatic tool changer is also placed outside the workspace and is protected from the machining area. Tools can be loaded in
masked time.

The full fairing of the machine provides complete protection for the machine, the operator and his environment while allowing easy positioning of the part while maintaining great accessibility from above and from the side.

Maintenance is greatly facilitated by grouping fluid, pneumatic and electrical components in a common cabinet offering very good accessibility to all maintenance points. 

    The electrical cabinet is IP54 protected

    Specifications Unit KX 300
    X axis mm 5.000
    Y axis mm 3.100
    Z axis mm 1.500
    Fast forward m / min 20
    Head Fork head
    Rotation axes           B - Tilting axis: +/- 105 ° C - Rotary axis: +/- 190 °
    Rotation speed rpm B, C: 30
    Locking torque Nm 7.000
    Table dimension mm 5.200 x 2.000
    Max weight admissible on table kg 20.000
    Rotation speed rpm 18.000
    Tool cone HSK 63-A
    Engime kW 30
    Couple Nm 240
    Characteristic speed rpm 1.200
    Automatic tool changer
    Qty of housing 40
    Max.diameter tool mm Zones
    Max weight tool kg 8
    Max. Length tool mm 300
    Accuracy (according to VDI / DQG 3441)
    Positioning (P)       X: 0,020 mm - Y / Z: 0,007 mm B, C: 10 sec
    Repeatability (Ps medium)      X: 0,005 mm - Y / Z: 0,004 mm B, C: 5 sec
    Dimensions (Open doors + conveyor)
    Width mm 8.890
    Depth mm 15.000
    Height mm 6.370
    Machine weight kg 95.000



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