5-axis vertical machining center - Umill 5


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5-axis milling center with gantry structure and rotating table on cradle.

Its modern design and compactness are optimized to guarantee a minimum footprint without making any concessions on the part volume or on the fundamental characteristic of HURON machines: enhanced rigidity for high-performance and quality machining.

This range is ideally suited for complex parts in 3 or 5 axes, from roughing to finishing, for various sectors such as precision mechanics, automotive, rail, energy, form machining or again aeronautics.

Main characteristics


  • fixed gantry structure in ribbed cast iron with stiffeners to reduce torsional forces
  • cast iron with high mechanical characteristics to reinforce rigidity and ensure excellent damping of vibrations generated during machining
  • very high modularity offering a range of configurations


  • rotary-tilting table on fixed cradle
  • excellent approach to the part on its 5 sides thanks to the tilting of the table
  • optimized axis strokes for a large passage under the spindle nose


  • powerful and high torque spindle allowing high chip removal
  • spindle body specially designed to facilitate access to the part in 5-axis machining
X - Y - Z axes mm 500 560 x x 450
Fast forward m / min 40
Table - A / C axes
Axis A: Tipping - Tipping speed + 20 ° / -110 ° - 25 rpm
C axis - Rotation - Rotation speed 360 ° - 45 rpm
Table dimension mm dia. 500
Allowable load kg 450
Rotation speed rpm 10.000
Tool cone ISO 40
Engime kW 18
Couple Nm 173
Characteristic speed rpm 1.000
Automatic tool changer
Qty of housing 30
Max.diameter tool mm 80
Max weight tool kg 7
Max. Length tool mm 300
Accuracy (according to VDI / DQG 3441)
Positioning (P) mm X / Y / Z: 0,015
Repeatability (Ps medium) mm X / Y / Z: 0,005
Dimensions (Open doors + conveyor)
Width mm 4.200
Depth mm 4.110
Height mm 3.150
Machine weight kg 11.000

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