3-axis vertical gantry machining center - BSE 1700


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FIDIA pays particular attention to the success of the customer's project by providing a complete solution according to its activity and its needs and by supporting it throughout the use of the equipment.

With great rigidity, great precision and high speed, FIDIA BSE machines represent the evolution of machining, especially molds and dies.

Spindle : BSE 1700 milling centers can be fitted with different spindles designed to meet the most advanced market requirements:

The 18.000 rpm grease-lubricated electro-spindle allows high-speed finishing and roughing thanks to its 32 KW power. 24.000 rpm or 30 rpm options are also available for high quality finish milling.

 The characteristic double column / portico structure of BSE machines was calculated according to Finite Element Principles (FEM), the double column is made of a single piece of the highest quality Meehanite cast iron. This design provides maximum rigidity and performance in high-speed milling and reduces vibration during heavy cutting operations. 

The high quality foundry with high resistance treatment on the head and slide guides allows to obtain a greater dynamic on the movements of the Z axis.

Large capacity for loading and moving parts thanks to large strokes on all X / Y / Z axes (1750 x 1000 x 750), a distance between the columns of 1750 mm and a table of 1600 x 1000 mm, it is possible to mount large parts, with a maximum weight of 3000 kg. The great height of the column also allows the machining of high parts and / or the use of tools of great lengths.

Ball screws on the three axes are mounted on supports cut into the mass of the frame and the cross member to ensure great rigidity and easier maintenance; they are lubricated by an automatic system totally controlled by digital control. The nuts of the ball screws and the pads of the X / Y axes are cooled by a specific system to ensure the best performance in high speed machining. 

Linear roller guides German made with high rigidity on the 3 axes provide low starting inertia, low friction and high acceleration. Servo motors and drives are optimized to provide the high dynamic precision required for high speed machining, positioning and contouring.

Absolute rules of measurement are mounted on all axes.

Excellent chip evacuation is guaranteed by two worm screws located in the lower part of the X axis which unload the chips outside the machine, into a container.

An automatic tool changer 16-position disc type is fitted as standard. As an option, a 24/32 position tool changer and an NC4 automatic laser presetting system can be supplied.

4-axis milling is possible by adding, as an option, a rotary table diam. 100 to 400 mm with tailstock. This table can be positioned horizontally or vertically.

Specifications  Unit BSE 1700
Spindle cone
HSK 63
Max rotation rpm 18000 (Opt. 24000 / 30000)
Engime  KW 32
Couple  Nm 154
X / Y / Z rapid feeds m / min 30
X axis mm 1750
Y axis mm 1000
Z axis mm 750
Dimensions mm 1600 x 1000
Maximum admissible weight kg 3000
Tool store
Type Automatic arm
Capacity 24 tools (Opt. 32/40/60)
Diam. tool max mm 80
Max tool length mm 250
Tool holder cone HSK63
Maximum tool weight kg 7
Tool change time (O / O) s 3
Digital control FIDIA CNC NC 19
Dimensions and weight
L x W x H (with conveyor)
mm 6088 5750 x x 3655
Net weight kg 15 000

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