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The MICRO-HITE + M motorized column is distinguished above all by its exclusive patented control wheel (FEEL & MOVE technology) combining rapid positioning of the probe tip and fluidity during the execution of a measurement sequence. Universal machine both dedicated to workshop and laboratory use, it can be integrated as close as possible to the operator.

Indeed, the robustness provided by its base and cast iron body make it a reliable instrument guaranteeing excellent repeatability and precision in all types of conditions.

In parallel to the typical 1D basic functions, it also integrates advanced measurement modes (angle, programming, 2D, ...) welcome when certain metrological requirements become more restrictive.

Incorporating patented QUICKCENTER technology, it not only gives clear indications when taking single points but also becomes a proven advantage when measuring cusps.

Each MICRO-HITE + M is delivered with a free SCS measurement certificate (Swiss Calibration Service) avoiding any additional cost linked to re-certification of the instrument directly after the initial purchase.

Measuring force 1,6 ± 0.25 N
units mm / in
Standard Manufacturer's standard
Resolution 0,0001 / 0,001 / 0,01 mm 0.00001 / 0.0001 / 0.001 in
Zero Fixed
Coefficient of linear expansion 11,5 x 10-6 K-1
material Cast iron base and frame
Weight Model 350: 33 kg Model 600: 37 kg Model 900: 45 kg
Food Via network Interchangeable rechargeable battery
Function (s) Measuring tip movable (motorized) with a thumbwheel Air cushion system
Autonomy 8 hours (with one battery pack) Infinite (with two battery packs)
Included in delivery SCS calibration certificate Declaration of conformity
Data output USB, TLC


• DESK - Hybrid with color touch screen and keyboard - Simplified keyboard for easy handling without confusion - Adjustable support for optimal reading of the screen at all times

• AUTONOMY - Interchangeable rechargeable battery - Infinite autonomy with a second reserve battery

• MEASUREMENT - Integrated patented QUICKCENTER technology for quick and easy cusp measurement - Advanced functions for a multi-tasking and multi-user instrument - Contextual online help to avoid hazardous uses and bad results - Clear results to decrease possible errors due to unfortunate interpretations of the displayed results

• INSTRUMENT - Robust cast iron construction to guarantee longevity and stability of results over time - Control handle incorporating FEEL & MOVE technology for rapid and precise positioning of the measuring probe

• DATA MANAGEMENT - Sending of values ​​to computer via TLC port (cable or Bluetooth) - Automatic creation of * .pdf reports or * .txt files on USB key - Printing of data by USB printer

• SCS CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE - Free SCS certificate provided to avoid any additional cost of re-calibration directly after the initial purchase

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