Measuring columns - TESA-Hite Magna 400


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Equipped with the Magna-µ-System measuring system, these manual 1D columns are particularly suitable for extreme conditions of use. Their robustness and their high protection index make them ultra resistant columns, designed for difficult production environments often characterized by a high level of dust as well as random and frequent splashes of liquid (water, oil, etc.).

Measuring force 1,5 ± 0,5 N
units mm / in
Standard Manufacturer's standard
Resolution 0,001 / 0,005 / 0,01 mm 0.0001 / 0.0002 / 0.001 in
Zero Fixed
Coefficient of linear expansion (12 ± 1,5) x 10-6 K-1
material Cast iron base
Degree of protection Measuring system: IP55 Panel: IP65
Special feature Integrated fine adjustment
Weight Model 400: 15 Kg Model 700: 18 Kg
Food External power supply or built-in rechargeable battery
Function (s) Manual movement of the measuring key
Autonomy ≈ 60 h
Included in delivery SCS calibration certificate Declaration of conformity
Data output TPA


• DESK - Protected against the penetration of liquids or dust (IP65) - Large color screen for reading comfort in dark environments - Display on black background guaranteeing excellent contrast - Large numbers displayed on the screen (21 mm) for optimal readability - Sleek keyboard with few buttons for easy handling and without confusion

• AUTONOMY - Long autonomy (60h) to avoid too frequent recharging

• MEASUREMENT - Philosophy of use reminiscent of the use of current tablets or phones - Quick access to the first measurement as soon as it is switched on (<4s) for appreciable time savings - Magnetic measurement system (patented) guaranteeing operation in extreme conditions of the workshop - On-board QUICKCENTER DYNAMIC technology to quickly and efficiently determine a turning point - Contextual help to avoid hazardous uses and bad results - Possibility to customize the interface according to the user's wishes

• SCS CALIBRATION CERTIFICATE - Free SCS certificate provided to avoid any additional cost of re-calibration directly after the initial purchase

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