Plate of 15 wheels on a 6 mm shank


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Product information:

Assortment of 15 grinding wheels on 6 mm shank Roughing, deburring, finishing of complex metal parts, grinding and deburring of molds and hard-to-reach welds For pneumatic straight grinders and drill hoses Very high abrasion power High concentricity: work of safe precision, long life, no vibration for an excellent surface condition Recommended peripheral speed: 15 to 40 m / s Grinding hard metals: reduce the speed of rotation to increase material removal Binder: vitrified ceramic Abrasive: corundum pink upper for ferrous metals Options: other dimensions or type of abrasive to order, for minimum quantity of 200 pieces per reference Precision and longevity

Technical characteristics:

  • Height (cm)
  • Width (cm)
  • Length (cm)
  • Net weight (Kg)
  • For machine
    Pneumatic grinder

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