RT120 Rugo-Profilometer


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The RT 120 Rugo-Profilometer was born from the desire to combine roughness measurements and small profiles, in a single probe pass. Its simple and intuitive software will allow any operator to perform the tests he needs.


Measurement capacity in X
0.15 mm to 120 mm
Profile measurement capability
3 mm as standard or 5 mm as an option
X axis resolution
0.1 um
Z axis resolution
0.1 um
Positioning speed
0 to 10 mm / s
Measuring speed
0.25 - 0.5 - 1 - 2 mm / s
Vertical positioning of the column
320 mm
Standard probe
60 ° diamond cone with 2 µm radius
CNC cycle
Automatic measurements for self - comparison
1 USB port for PC link
1100 x 570 x H720 mm
50 kg
Operating temperature
15 - 25 ° C

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